Vaginal Skin Conditions

[ vaj–uh-nl skin] Noun “a set of conditions that bring shame and embarrassment to many women and can be equally disabling, but we can help”

– Dr. Terri-Ann Samuels

Vulvar Skin Laxity

A recent study found that the loss of tightness in the appearance of the vagina/vulva made women feel embarrassed and anxious. It also found that women experience issues of lowered self-esteem. As women naturally age, complaints of skin quality changes are in all areas of the body. Most often, people are more aware of changes in the face or neck. But vaginal skin changes can impact women as well. This is because it involves their personal sexual relationships. All women want to feel sexy and confident, especially during sex. This is an entirely understandable desire. At the Urogynius Center, women can now take charge of their bodies and feel sensual and confident in all areas of their bodies. Schedule a consultation today, and Dr. Samuels can see if you are the right candidate for this treatment.

    The most important thing for women to know if they are afflicted with these symptoms is to seek medical attention and follow up. There are many causes of vaginal scarring and itching. But if your diagnosis is lichen sclerosus, untreated, there is an increased risk of vulvar squamous cell carcinoma (cancer).

    Lichen Sclerosus

    Lichen sclerosus is a chronic scarring dermatologic disorder affecting the skin of the vulva/vagina and anus affecting mostly menopausal women. Hard to say how common it is because the condition often asymptomatic and goes unrecognized by physicians. But for women who have to deal with the chronic itching and burning, this condition can be devastating affecting general quality of life and definitively sexual life especially if it affects the entrance of the vagina.

    The skin commonly appears whitened, thin and crinkled like “cigarette paper”. But it can have plaques or purple/red spots. This leads the chronic itching and nighttime scratching, leading to cuts and tears. Also the lips of vagina and around clitoris can scar and stick together.

    Left untreated the tears can be irritated by urine and infected by fecal exposure making life miserable for these women.

    Treatment often starts with high dose steroids which long term are destructive to the skin.

    Here at the Urogynius Center we understand how devastating this condition can be for women. We have worked at developing novel treatments including lasers to help patients have longer time intervals of symptom relief and skin improvement.

      Hidradenitis Suppurativa

      This complex condition has been notoriously difficult to treat and devastating for the women it affects. Hidradenitis suppurativa/acne inversa (HS) is a chronic, inflammatory, recurrent, debilitating skin disease of the terminal hair follicle that usually occurs after puberty and presents as painful, deep-seated, inflamed lesions in the apocrine gland-bearing areas of the body, most commonly the underarm, groins, vulva/vagina and anus regions.

      Here at the Urogynius center we have novel approaches and treatments to help improve quality of life.


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