Hereditary Cancer Screening

[ skree-ning ] Noun “it is so empowering for women to know their risks and be able to take action instead of waiting for something to get them”

– Dr. Terri-Ann Samuels

Cancer Gene Screening – Why Does My Urogynecologist Care?

Hey, Dr. Samuels cares about you – all of you.

Dr. Samuels is interested in you in your entirety. We started to do genetic testing in our practice to help with surgical planning and annual screening. It has now evolved into one of the most empowering, impactful, and rewarding portions of The Urogynius Center. Patients can understand their cancer genetics and thereby change the frequency and how they are screened for cancer. It impacts surgical planning around ovaries and risk assessment for hormone replacement. Also, it helps to empower families with information and possibly change their life trajectories.

The beautiful thing about Natera is that the patients can have their entire family screened for FREE within 90 days of finding an abnormal gene. Now that is life-changing!

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