Direct Patient Care

Welcome to direct patient care at The Urogynius Center.

We’re excited to offer a more personalized, attentive, and comprehensive healthcare experience. Our goal is to deepen the connection between patient and provider, focusing on your unique health needs.

What is Direct Patient Care?

Direct Patient Care (DPC) is a healthcare model that prioritizes the patient-doctor relationship. Unlike traditional models, DPC removes the complexity of insurance-based billing, allowing us to dedicate more time and resources directly to your care. This model fosters an environment where your health and well-being are the sole focus.

The Payment Model

The model is simple and transparent. It involves a cash-pay system, designed to provide you with exceptional care without the constraints of standard insurance protocols. This means no surprise bills, no haggling with insurance companies, no hidden fees – just simple fee-for-service charges at the time of service. We except payments by cash or credit card.

Benefits of Direct Patient Care:

Tailored Care

Our approach focuses on understanding and addressing your unique health needs, without insurance limitations.

Preventive Focus

Aiming at keeping you healthier for longer, we emphasize preventive healthcare.

Quality Time

Expect more comprehensive appointments where your concerns are thoroughly addressed.

Flexible Scheduling

We’re more nimble with a direct patient care model, and able to accommodate more flexible scheduling.

Clear Costs

Experience straightforward pricing, free from the complexities of insurance billing.

Insurance and Billing Information

While we are moving away from insurance-based billing, many insurance plans cover some lab work and some other services. We encourage you to contact your insurance provider for information on potential reimbursements for services. In cases where you seek reimbursement from your insurer you will deal directly with your insurer and our office will not participate in that interaction.

In most cases you should be able to use HSA or FSA funds for services and procedures received at The Urgoynius Center.


Hear from our patients who’ve already embraced the direct patient care model and are experiencing the benefits firsthand:

“I’ve typically dreaded scheduling with physicians, but scheduling with Dr Samuels is easy. And at the appointments I get seen quickly, spend all the time I need with Dr Samuels, and get back to work – plus Dr Samuels is a great doctor. This model works for me!”

Rachel G.

“I’ve come to the Urogynius Center for two procedures and highly recommend it. The cash-pay fees are clear and simple. Dr Samuels addressed my concerns with an excellent bedside manner and she performed the procedures herself.”

Tammy S.

“The Urogynius Center is the place to go for hormone treatments! I feel a million times better. It is easy to schedule treatments. And I love seeing the doctor’s smile every visit.”

Anya M.


At The Urogynius Center, we’re committed to an excellent healthcare experience. Join us in this journey to a more personal, effective, and satisfying healthcare future.

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